Holloman Trial

A former Dothan postal worker is accused of walking in on a Rehobeth family and opening fire on them as they sat in their living room.

He's now on trial for capital murder in Dothan.

James Holloman is accused of killing his father-in-law, wounding his mother-in-law and another man, and kidnapping his estranged wife at gunpoint in May of 2000.

Jimmy Clark was pronounced dead at the scene. Rebecca Clark and John Gallia were seriously wounded. And Sharri Holloman was later released unharmed when Holloman contacted authorities and surrendered.

Prosecutors told the jury Holloman's eight-year-old daughter gave 911 dispatchers their only coherent information because everyone else in the home was dead or wounded.

Defense attorney's don't deny Holloman shot the victims. But they claim he has a history of mental problems caused by an abusive childhood and severe head injuries from a parachuting accident.

Prosecutors claim at one point, Holloman told psychologists he intended to kill his wife, but doctors warned her. Sharri Holloman fled to her parent’s home and to what she thought was safety.