Man attacks pregnant woman at a Jacksonville hotel

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - Police are searching for a man who
attacked a pregnant woman at a Jacksonville hotel.

The woman, who asked to be called Ann because her attacker is
still loose, works at the hotel and says a man held a knife to her
face and stomach to get to the money. She is seven months pregnant.

Ann was working the night shift when the man forced himself into
the hotel's office, threw her to the floor and dragged her around.

She had opened the office door when the man she thought was a
customer asked for a cup to get ice.

Police say witnesses saw the thief hanging around outside about
an hour before the crime.

But Ann believes the man waited for the right opportunity to
attack after the nighttime security officer made his rounds.

Ann went to the hospital after the attack, and doctors say her
baby is OK.