Draft Beer Hype Dying Down

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The hype over draft beer is over, and now you can go to most restaurants and bars in Dothan and enjoy a beer straight from the tap.

The sale of draft beer began on July 1st, and it has helped some businesses, but it has also been said to be over rated for others.

The owner of “Plan B” said, "A lot of folks in Dothan were waiting on this draft beer for a long, long time. And once we got it in and people found out it was here, a lot more people started coming out and taking advantage of it."

Installing a draft beer system is expensive. Businesses have to spend thousands of dollars on equipment to sell and store draft beer.

Because of the high price, it will be some time before some businesses see any real profits.

"I think the way we got it figured out is that some time by the end of the year, all of our equipment should be paid for and we should be running in the black with our draft beer," said Flowers.

Some restaurants owners are still waiting on equipment to sell draft beer. Mike Bryan, a manager at “Friday’s” said, "When we built the building I put a chase in, that runs from the bar to a special cooler just for the draft beer. The chase runs underneath the ground where you run all your lines. We have 15 different lines; 15 different beers and we should get it in by the end of this week hopefully, if everything works out right."

On the other hand, some restaurants are already seeing their profits increase. The mellow mushroom now offers a variety of draft beers. Restaurant manager Brian Keeling says, "Draft beer has helped the Mellow Mushroom out a lot. We've seen our profits go up quite a number of points because of it."

Whether profits increase immediately or sometime in the near future, one thing most bar and restaurant owners agree on is that the investment is well worth it.