District 87

Over the weekend, Geneva County voters received a letter from Geneva County Commission Chairman and Probate Judge Harry Adkison.

The letter states that "the countyline separating Geneva and Houston counties also separates quality of life.

There is a vast divergence in prosperity from Geneva County to Houston County.

Along with the wealth and zeal goes political influence.

Influence by any of the movers and shakers of Dothan exceeds that of any small county elected representative.

District 87 needs a representative who will seriously consider Geneva County's interest."

Morris says that such a letter from the county's chief election official is simply wrong.

Morris says Adkison should apologize to him and the voters for saying that anyone from outside Geneva would be unable to represent their interest.

Probate Judge Harry Adkison denies any ethics violations in his open letter to Geneva County residents.

Adkison says he signed the campaign literature as County Commission Chairman and not as Probate Judge.

In addition, he uses his personal address on the letterhead.

As a citizen, the judge says he has the right to support the best person for the job.

Adkison says he resents statements made by Candidate Joey Morris that there's an appearance of impropriety.

Adkison says there's been no attempt by his office to intimidate voters in today's District House 87 Republican Runoff.

News 4 caught up with Geneva Mayor Warren Beck by phone in Montgomery.

Beck responded angerly to comments made by his opponent.

Beck describes Joey Morris' news conference as "a last minute effort
by a desperate trial lawyer."

Mayor Beck says Harry O. Adkison is an honest man who would not use his position as probate judge to intimidate voters.

And that the letter in question was not written on Geneva County stationary.