Heavy Security for Vice President's Visit

Despite the high cost and manpower necessary to protect Vice President Dick Cheney during his visit to Dothan Monday, authorities say the city's other needs were in good hands.

Air-force two landed at the Dothan Regional Airport under very tight security Monday, with snipers positioned around the airport and several helicopters hovering above.

Officials from the Dothan police department teamed up with the Alabama Department of Public Safety, the Alabama State Troopers, and the Dale County Sheriff's office to help secret service agents secure the vice presidents motorcade.

But officials say despite the tight security, law enforcement officials say protecting the public was not given a back seat, to the vice president's visit.

Lt. Larry Draughn said, "There was no disruption of normal activities for the police department. As far as the regular patrol duties, we made careful plans, almost a weeks worth of detailed planning for this event in conjunction with the secret service."

Officials also say the vice president's motorcade was flown in from Washington, because the vehicles are outfitted with bulletproof features.