Fort Rucker Contract Bids

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Bids are being accepted for five Fort Rucker Army airfields that could soon be under contract. The contract could open more than 60 jobs.

At Fort Rucker's Daleville gate right after lunchtime, cars line up waiting to pass the checkpoint to get inside, but the lines may only get longer because Fort Rucker is looking to fill jobs for its airfield services and flight operations dispatch.

“Our military positions are going away, they've been cut by the Department of the Army. Now we have to find someone to do that work, be it the Department of Army Civilians or a contractor.”

Five Army airfields will need new air traffic assistants and motor vehicle operators. Those fields are Cairns, Knox, Hanchey, Shell, and Lowe Army Airfields.

The Army requires there be competition with private industry services, especially if a civilian can do the job. Private sector contractors may begin developing their bidding plan now, but officials say competition is fierce.

There are 69 positions to be filled that will add to the more than 5,000 contracted civilians working on Fort Rucker at this time.

In recent years there's been more money to pay contracts than there has in normal payroll type accounts

If a contractor is chosen in what's called the 'A-76' competition, the 31 soldiers working the jobs will be re assigned and the current civilians may be offered an incentive pay out to leave, retire, or resign.

For bidding information, call 255-9968. The bids will be awarded between October and November.