Prosecuting Mothers With Drug Addiction

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The Covington County district attorney will begin prosecuting mothers giving birth to children who have drugs in their blood system.

For years, the Covington County Department of Human Resources has been receiving comments about pregnant mothers with drugs in their system.

Until now the legal system has been powerless towards taking action.

“We have a drug problem here in Covington County we get calls from families who are allegedly using drugs,” said Felicia Cope of Dept. of Human Resources.

This year the Alabama legislature passed two new bills; the Brody Bill protecting unborn children and the Chemical Endangerment Act protecting children from drug exposure.

District Attorney Greg Gambril said, “We feel these two new acts will help us prosecute mom who illegally ingests substance.”

Officials say the reason they are doing this is not to punish moms but to protect their unborn children

Hospital nurses already have to report drugs in a baby's urine or blood to DHR. Now the courts will take the cases and prosecute the mother.

“Our goal is to protect and stress encourage parents to seek help,” said Gambril.

There are programs out there that help mothers to be who are addicted to drugs.

If you know of anyone who is using drugs while pregnant you are asked to report them to your local law enforcement agency.