Police: Small Business Owners Need to be Vigilant

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For the last 2 months gas stations and check cashing stores in Dothan have become the targets of armed robbers. While police continue to try and find the people responsible, they're giving local business owners tips to help keep them from being targeted. But the string of robberies is forcing Dothan police to stay on high alert.

Sergeant David Day of the Dothan Police Department said, "We have extra patrols and detectives have also been out trying to check some of the businesses in the morning. We're also trying to make the clerks aware of the robberies and show them how to protect themselves."

Authorities say that if a clerk notices any kind of suspicious activity, they should contact police immediately.

"Any time they have an unusual customer come, make notice of that and call us and let us know," said Captain Nick Monday, of the Dothan Police Department.

Authorities are also informing business owners of several safety tips. Police say business owners should never divulge any business practices, count money in plain sight, and keep the back entrance to a store closed.

Authorities say there is one more thing all store clerks and business owners should do.

"It's a standard practice for most that they make a daily deposit, not that they have any excess revenue or excess receipts at their businesses," said Monday.

Police say taking these precautions will help make convenience stores and other small businesses less of an attractive target for a potential thief.

If you have any information about any of the robberies that have happened in the past couple of months, you're urged to call the Dothan Police Department at (334) 615-3000.