Paving Project Begins on Dothan Roads and Parking Lots

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The city of Dothan is investing nearly $1 million to repave city roads and parking lots. Some of those roads haven't been repaved in almost 30 years.

City commissioners voted to fork over a little more than $953,000 to fix the cracks, some may view as 'eye soars'

Public Works Director Jerry Corbin said, “They've had several patches repaired on them and potholes in these streets, in some cases some of these streets have never been overlaid and they may be 30 to 40 years old.”

A few of those lots belong to the Police Department, Westgate Park, and the Dothan Civic Center.

It's apart of the city's annual community improvement plan, a plan that can have a price tag range of $500,000 to $1 million.

“The money is coming right out of the budget. It’s money that was left over at years end,” said Mayor Pat Thomas. “It’s money that we committed along with other capital improvements when the city manager presented that to the city commissions a couple of months ago.”

Dothan city commissioners are given a list and from that list the city's streets which require the most attention are chosen to be repaved.

The project should begin within the next 60 days. There were a couple of years the city couldn't afford to repave the roads and parking lots. This year there was a surplus in the community improvement plan budget.

Some of that money will be used next year.