Blueberry Crop Growth

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We are seeing a "boom" in the amount of acres for blueberry growing. In the past year alone, there have been about 120-acres of new blueberry plantings just in the Headland area.

Profits from cotton and peanuts are on the downward trend while the prices to plant and grow them are still the same. So combined with drought, farmers in the Wiregrass are in a tough position.

The most obvious solution is to plant alternative crops.

Blueberries are an expensive fruit to grow. They're also more labor-intensive. But the selling price is higher per pound than cotton or peanuts. And with demand on the rise, growing blueberries seems to be the most reasonable supplemental income for farmers.

Wiregrass farmers are in the beginning stages for growing blueberries. It will take another two to three years for a normal crop yield.