Pike County Self Government

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Pike County leaders want a little more control over public safety and health regulations, and soon they hope communities will support their governing efforts.

Pike County leaders say they want to eliminate state lawmakers from certain county business. Right now, if Pike County wanted to establish an animal control law, it would have to get approval from the state.

County administrator Harry Sanders says it would be easier to control nuisances if the county was allowed to govern itself. That could soon happen.

Alabama lawmakers recently gave counties the ability to self-govern. Now it's up to Pike County voters to decide if they want to change.

What still has to be determined is who would be responsible for enforcement. That would probably be left up to Pike County sheriff's deputies. Sanders says the change would give the county almost the same authority as a city when it comes to writing and enforcing local laws, but it wouldn't be as extensive.

Right now, five counties, Autuga, Dallas, Marshall, Jackson and Mobile are self-governed. Bibb, Dekalb, Escambia and Montgomery Counties are set to vote on self-governing in November.

Sanders says he will use those five self governing counties as a guide to creating Pike County's policy.

If approved, county commissions would not have the authority to raise or levy taxes, establish planning and zoning, or regulate utilities, railroads or landfills.