2003 Florida Graduates

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At least seven Florida counties say they're going to allow some high school seniors to walk with their classmates at graduation this spring, even if they have NOT yet passed the mandatory test to graduate.

Nearly 13,000 seniors around the state have not yet passed the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. But they have completed all other requirements for graduation.

This is the first year that seniors have been required to pass the F-CAT before graduating. The state imposes NO time deadline on passing the test, meaning those still seeking their diplomas can continue taking the test indefinitely.

Some of South Florida's black community leaders and legislators denounce the FCAT as unfair to minority students. They're planning a protest, which they say will begin this week. The group wants Gov. Jeb Bush to put aside the consequences for students who failed this year's test and re-examine the F-CAT policies.

The protesters are calling for boycotts of the Florida Lottery, Florida's Turnpike, the state's citrus industry and its major theme parks, among other measures.