Crenshaw Still Bust

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A still bust in Crenshaw County has nabbed at least 150 gallons of illegal alcohol. Police caught the man behind what investigators say could have been a major moonshine distribution.

Pike County sheriff's deputies say they're serious about stopping the sale and distribution of illegal alcohol.

They say they plan on bringing down all moonshine manufactures and distributors in the area.

"Our agency has received some threats. Basically, that we need to back off, and we don't need to be in certain communities. So we take that very seriously. We intend to arrest individuals that manufacture illegal whiskey. We intend to put them in jail, and then put them in the penitently, and we're going to stop it," said Russell Thomas of Pike County Sheriff.

This Crenshaw County still is the latest bust.

Police arrested 29-year-old Jackson Quinn Renfroe. He was caught by Pike County sheriff's deputies during a traffic stop.

This bust is the second in two weeks. Investigators tell News 4 both stills belong to Renfroe.

"I think this has been here a couple of months, two to three months. I do believe that he has run off a couple of runs and has made a profit," said Lt. Lance Price of ABC Board, District Supervisor.

Police say a tip led them to this still, located deep in the woods of Crenshaw County. They say it takes teamwork to stop the distribution of illegal alcohol.

Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas says his department has busted at least five stills within the last few months.

Possession of a still for manufacturing alcohol is a felony under Alabama law.