Amputees Across America Bike Ride

Several bikers are riding 3500 miles to prove that physical limitations can't stop anyone.

Friday, they made their way into Dothan.

The group, Amputees Across America began their journey in Los Angeles California and will end in Vero Beach, Florida.

Along their route they make pit-stops at various HealthSouth rehabilitation clinics and hospitals.

They want people to know just because you have a physical disability, doesn't mean you have a handicap.

“I've come across people that think it's over with that they've lost their leg or both legs that they're not able to do anything else, but you can with the help of the artificial limbs they have nowadays,” said Gary Summers of Amputees Across America.

Dothan's own C-4 bikers joined the amputees in the Circle City; their next stop is Tallahassee.

The tour will end on July 31.