New Webb City Park

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The town of Webb will be investing in a park that Houston County officials say will fit nicely into a plan that will help the county's growth.

The cracking sound of baseball bats will no longer be heard at this old park in the town of Webb.

Already, volunteers have started taking the baseball field's fence apart and rolling it up. They will transfer the fences to a new 40 acre Webb Recreation Park which is currently under construction.

“We're starting off with at least three ball fields, we're planning on adding a pond which is in the process right now, football field, softball field, soccer field, playgrounds, pretty much everything other towns have it's time for Webb to have,” said Chief Judson McClantoc of Webb Police Dept.

But what Webb had wasn't much. The town’s old park, which sits on just seven acres of land, is outdated and didn't have much space

“The ball park we have right now, we had no land to expand,” said Chief McClantoc.

But the old park isn't going to go to waste. The town of Webb has sold all seven acres to Qualico Steel. All 40 acres of Webb Recreation Park were donated by a local businessman.

A portion of the funds will come from Webb, other money from donations, some from Houston County, which has provided machines and manpower to level the ground in the park.

“We've done this for several other communities, help them put in recreational other communities, help them put in recreational facilities to help grow their community and we're happy to be doing this for Webb,” said Chairman Mark Culver of Houston Co. Commission.

The baseball and softball fields should be completed by the time the season starts and the entire park within two years.

There will be a number of tournaments held at the public park.

Town officials hope it will cause a ripple effect that will help the growth of Houston County in 'Envision Dothan'.