Mayor of Daleville Asks Residents to Stop Any Outside Watering

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A downed well is making the city of Daleville ask residents to stop any outside watering.

It is one of Daleville’s three wells that is out of operation, a well that usually pumps around 400 gallons a minute. City leaders say they have enough water for the people, but they need to conserve as much as possible in order to prevent other wells from burning.

The well decreased its pumping rate by nearly half, however it wasn't noticed until residents saw a little oil in their drinking water.

Daleville Mayor Wess Etheredge said, "Any oil that anybody sees in their glass, drinking glass, or their sinks or anything, it is vegetable-based oil. It will not hurt you."

The city has stopped using the well.

Daleville has two half-million gallon tanks with water pumping into them. City leaders say even though one well is down for now, they say consumers shouldn't notice a difference in water pressure.

"We will not restrict our fire departments. They're there to protect the lives and property of our citizens, and if we have a house on fire or whatever, we're going to do what's necessary," said Mayor Etheredge.

The city isn't quite certain what's causing the well to take in the oil or why it wasn't pumping at capacity.

However, they want those using city water to restrain from using it outside and conserve as much as possible until it's fixed.

The city will further investigate the cause and repairs of the well.

Mayor Edtheredge says he's not sure how long it will take to repair, which depends on what the repair company finds as the problem.

He says he won't know how much it will cost to fix the well either until they figure out the exact problem.

Mayor Etheredge says rainfall over the past few days has helped decrease their water consumption. He said he's not sure how long it will be until Daleville residents can water outside, but they are working as fast as possible.