New Brockton's New Look

In a couple of weeks, students at New Brockton High School will head back to class. When they arrive back for the first day, they'll see two million dollars of renovations done to the school.

Among the changes, new windows to resemble the windows originally put in the school in the 1930s. There's also a refinished brick facade and a new roof.

All the changes impressed first year head football coach Dirk Stunk so much; he decided to relocate to New Brockton from Montgomery.

“Being in Montgomery have to get a whole lot of support with 15 public and private schools. Here in the smaller community with one school it's a whole lot better situation to be in,” said Stunk.

There's a ribbon cutting scheduled for august third. It starts at six o'clock that night. All New Brockton High School alumni are encouraged to stop by the ribbon cutting.