Ft. Rucker Unmanned Aircraft

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The Fort Rucker Museum has a new exhibit featuring the unmanned aircraft systems. These systems are essential for the growth of the military.

The unmanned aircraft industry is expanding and is helping fight the War on Terror.

Five years ago there were only three unmanned aircraft systems. Now there are 230 systems with over 100,000 flight hours.

At the UAV ribbon cutting, Fort Rucker introduced the newest thing in Army aviation to the public.

We do know they can deploy weapon systems, relay communication in the battlefield and re-supply soldiers. They can also be used for security, target assessment, and can be the eyes over the hill or around the corner in battle.

The USA has the most mature fleet of unmanned aircraft in the world, and Fort Rucker has the best display of the vehicles in the nation, but it's only the beginning for unmanned aircraft that most importantly saves soldiers lives.

The unmanned aircraft are being used everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan.