Vicious Stray Dogs in Dothan

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The City of Dothan's Animal Control says the stray dog numbers keep growing, but one close incident left a small dog brutally wounded and the dogs responsible on the loose.

Early Wednesday morning Alfred Saliba Family Service Center employees say they heard screeching outside their window. They say when they looked to see what it was they discovered a horrible site.

“It actually reminded me of the dog packs in Iraq. I thought there were five or six dogs. Later we counted them and there were seven just tearing apart a little dog about 30 or 40 pounds,” said Joesph Fernandez.

Joseph Fernandez and David Duke were working in their office at the Alfred Saliba Family Service Center on Dusy Street when they heard the yelping of one dog being attacked by several other dogs.

"Right here. I mean, not even 50 yards to the front entrance of our building!" said Duke.

Fernandez grabbed a branch and began beating the ground for the pack of dogs to let go of the little one. Two still hung on.

Fernandez explained, "Two of them still had a hold of it, had it lifted off the ground. One holding on to its back leg, one holding on to its neck."

The attackers finally let go. Limp, scared, and bleeding, the small dog ran under a house while its attackers waited nearby. Still, both men say something has to be done, and quick, about strays in the area because next time it might not be another dog under attack.

Fernandez said, "We've got the Boys and Girls Clubs here, we've got a day care here during the school year, we've got alternative school that's right there. It's a neighborhood."

Joseph Grimsley lives next to where the attack took place

Grimsley said, "I won't have my daughters outside when the dogs are here."

Meanwhile, Hernandez and Duke say Animal Control responded an hour later and the pack of savage dogs are on the loose.

The City of Dothan's Animal Control Office said there are hundreds of strays around Dothan. How vicious they are depends. Last month alone the city caught 280 dogs.

The City of Dothan has a leash law, and if a city officer deems any animal vicious or dangerous, they can kill it. This case was referred to Animal Control.