Methamphetamine Law Working

A state law restricting the sale of products containing ingredients used to make meth appears to be putting a dent on the manufacturing of the deadly drug.

The drug enforcement agency says that in the past year there has been a 57-percent reduction in the number of meth labs in Alabama.

Houston county officials say they too have seen a decrease in the number of meth labs.

Sheriff Lamar Glover: "It has greatly helped because there is not enough meth on the streets when you destroy their labs. I recognize the fact that we are still destroying labs, but we're not destroying as many as we have in the past. That's because there is such a difficulty of the violator trying to by these precursor chemicals... It's difficult for them to do it," said Sheriff Lamar Glover of Houston Co.

The new law was part of Alabama attorney general, troy king's crime package.

King says meth is blight upon our state and nation, and that he is happy to see that law enforcement officials are making progress in the war against methamphetamine.