Pike Co. Leash Law

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Some homeowners in Pike County say dogs are running wild in their neighborhoods; however animal control officers say there's little they can do.

Some area joggers told News 4, it's hard for them to get out and run. They say there isn't a route that doesn't have at least one loose dog on the path. Police say there's little they can do without the backing of a leash law.

"Every night I jog, and there's one dog that always tries to chase me down. It's kind of scary," said Aaron Taylor of Pike County.

Police say the problem doesn't lie with owners being out in the yard with their animals or walking their dog. Most of it lies when owners are inside and their animals are just free to roam.

"It's not just the safety of the people. It's the safety of the dogs themselves. Those same dogs that chase me when I'm jogging runs out in the middle of the street and cars nearly hit it. That dog needs to be protected as well," said Taylor.

But police can't do much when it comes to picking up strays. Even though, they have picked up around 250 stray animals since taking over animal control about a month ago.

They say it's hard to do without a leash law, but not everybody in the county thinks one is necessary.

"It really doesn't bother me that much. It's a dog. I have three dogs myself. I enjoy that people have dogs and feel comfortable enough to have them without a leash,” said Patrick Claybon.

Claybon offers those living in Pike County a piece of advice if they find themselves near a loose or stay animal.

"Being able to have a dog on a leash is something people enjoy, children enjoy and personally I enjoy. And I think if you are having problems with dogs chasing you...you should run a little faster,” said Claybon.

Police say if you come across a stray and feel threatened, you are allowed to defend yourself.

Pike County isn't the only county without a leash law. Dale, Houston, Coffee and Henry Counties don't have a leash law.

But many area cities like Enterprise, Dothan, Troy, Abbeville and Ozark have either a leash law or animal control ordinance.