Band-Aid Bandit Captured After 40 Bank Robberies

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - The prolific "Band-Aid Bandit" is finally behind bars.

Authorities in Tampa say he remembered to cover the mole on his face, but he forgot to conceal the license plate on his car.

Rafael Angel Rondon of Clermont, was arrested at his central Florida home today and charged with three of the 40 bank robberies attributed to the Band Aid Bandit.

Rondon was identified by a license plate number captured on surveillance cameras outside a Pinellas Park bank that was robbed last week. Investigators also matched his hand print to one left at the scene of what is believed to be the bandit's first robbery in
December 2000.

Agents say Rondon used an adhesive bandage in many robberies to cover a mole on this left cheek. The distinctive mark led to agents to give the suspect the moniker "Band- Aid Bandit."

Agents also arrested a Davenport man on charges he assisted the Band-Aid Bandit in several robberies.

Both men appeared in Tampa federal court this afternoon, but court-appointed lawyers for both men asked that a bond hearing be postponed until tomorrow.