Election Day: Dale County Sheriff's Race

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On Dale County’s ballot, two men are battling for Dale County’s republican sheriff candidate. Wally Olson and Walter Ford are going head to head in the primary run-off.

Both men have been working hard to pitch their goals to those who live in the county.

"I've made no political promises throughout my campaign. I just want to serve the people. I want to dedicate my life to the people," said Olson.

"I believe the sheriff's office needs to be involved with the community and because of that, I believe the community will be involved in what we're doing. And that's important," said Ford.

Both candidates have campaigned strong, but this is where it comes down to, the voting polls. Olson is hoping to continue his lead from the primary election, while Ford is hoping to close the gap and overtake his opponent.

“I've been in the sheriff's office. I'm aware of the operation and management of the sheriff's office. I want to keep my 28 years working for the people of Dale County," said Ford.

Olson said, “It's been my goal since I was about 13 years old. I was inspired by sheriff Mixon at a very early age when I first met him."

Both candidates say they really want strong voter turn-out.

Of cause, they say want it in their favor but they say the main importance is those who live in the county exercising their right.

The winner of Tuesday's Dale County Republican Sheriff primary run-off will face Hal Cox, the Democratic candidate in the November election.