Rental Property Problems

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Most real estate agencies renting homes have some type of screening process, but there is no guarantee renters will perform routine home maintenance or maintain the landscape.

The problem is many homeowners are unhappy with tenants because the rental property has a direct effect on the homeowner's property value.

Homeowners also worry the type of people that occupy rental properties may cause problems in their neighborhood.

Rental properties are available in many neighborhoods throughout Dothan and most start out as nice homes. However many homeowners are concerned that as soon as renters move in, the property is no longer cared for.

A home owner Mike Homola said, "They don't screen the applicants. They move in, move out or they're evicted. I don't want rental properties from someone hired in CA that is just not taken care of it."

Real estate agencies manage most rental properties and act as a liaison between the property owner and renter. They say most responsibility is left to the renter.

"When a real estate agent manages property, the lease requires tenant to maintain the property," said Danny Sharp of Coldwell Banker/Alfred Saliba Realty.

Renters are usually responsible for keeping up the yard, but property owners are typically responsible for building maintenance. Most homeowners are only looking for rental properties to be cared for a little more.

"I want everything cleaned up, you know a face lift, painted," said Homola.

Real estate agents say if you have a problem with a property you know is being rented, the best way to create change is to speak with the tenant.

The Dothan Police Department has a division designated to watch for eye sores in the area. They respond to reported complaints, and when appropriate, issue citations to encourage tenants to clean up the area.

If you have an eyesore in Dothan that you would like to report, you can contact the Dothan Police’s Environmental Compliance Department at 615- 3616.