Gas Prices Going Up Again

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According to AAA Alabama, the statewide average for regular unleaded gas now costs $2.82 a gallon.

That $2.82 is an increase of six cents since last month and about 60 cents more than a year ago.

It means you'll pay more for gas and your day to day services.

As owner of Power Move Delivery Services Lawrence Keener says he has to cut back on business because of high gas prices.

“That's an issue and for a small business man like myself with a small quantity of trucks. The prices we have to pass on the consumers because a lot of time we can't go out of state because the fuel surcharge is so high for the customers,” said Keener.

Keener forks out about $1,500 a month for his three trucks.

“I find myself recommending people to get a U-Haul or rider or partner up with a friend.”

AAA's daily fuel gauge report finds certain gas grades already hit three dollars a gallon.

Mid grades are $3.02, while premium is are nearly $3.15 cents a gallon.

News 4 caught up with a few locals and this is what they say.

“It's caused me to move closer to work because I used to commute from Abbeville to Dothan, but I can't because gas prices just cost too much,” said Anthony Bryant.

“I don't think it is right for the consumer to have to pay that much,” said Stephanie Bryant

While one man says the gas prices may not be fair, we still have to pay.

“There's nothing we can do about it but pay if we want to use our automobiles,” said Willie Williams.

Delivery service owners say they can't hire as many people as they'd like because gas prices just won't allow it.

Friday crude oil prices hit an all time high at $78 a barrel. But price has fallen some closing Monday at $75.30 a barrel.

The turmoil in the Mideast is in part blamed for higher crude oil prices even though the tensions haven't yet dented oil supplies.