Crime Rate on the Rise in Dothan

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Criminal activity appears to be on the rise in the Dothan area. There have been eight armed robberies in recent weeks and just this past weekend, two shootings took place. News 4 spoke with police officials to find out what they are doing to keep Dothan residents safe.

Police are responding to more calls and they say more acts of violence are being committed. However, police do say more people are moving into the area and inevitably with a rise in population come more crime.

Authorities say Dothan area is dealing with more criminal activity this year than ever before. The rash of robberies and increase in criminal activities worries many residents who have lived in the area, but police say this change is to be expected.

"Overall the crime rate is the same but it has increased and there is an increase in the amount of people living here and shopping here, and if you look at the tax revenue you can see that there is more activity in the area," said Captain Nick Monday of Dothan Police Dept.

There have been several armed robberies in Dothan recently and police are working hard to apprehend the suspects.

"We've had a string of robberies and there’s a good possibility these people are involved in more than one,” said Capt. Monday. We have many agencies working together and once we catch one, we feel we'll catch the others."

Police say while they are working to uncover clues to solve the robberies, their best tool in solving crime are residents in the area.

"We're as good as the public lets us be. The only way we can solve crime is through the public getting information to us," said Lt. Tommy Martin of Dothan Police Dept.

Police are making progress in cracking down on crime. This past weekend they made two arrests in a shooting, where a 12-year-old girl was unintentionally shot. The two men remain in jail and police say they will continue to arrest suspects involved in area crime as police turn up more leads.

In the weekend shooting of the 12-year-old girl, she was shot in an artery and doctors say if officers had not taken measures to stop the bleeding, the girl most likely would have died.