Wiregrass Area Robberies

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Police believe there have been at least seven area robberies in the past couple of weeks that are linked.

They are getting the same description from victims: One tall man and one short man wearing all black with masks and gloves.

It’s not much to go on, but by joining together officers and deputies hope to catch these criminals.

Officials believe these aren't the only ones that could be linked.

"Here in just the immediate area of Dothan, and just outside Dothan, we've had at least seven I know we've had come in Eufaula and Ozark. But the way the robberies are taking place and the methods they're using, it would appear that we have some video of some of the robberies. It appears the same person or persons are committing those robberies."

But by teaming up, officers and deputies are able to share evidence and work the case like a puzzle, putting each piece of evidence together to find out who is behind the string of robberies.

Officials encourage anyone with information to contact their local authorities or Crime Stoppers.