Level Plain's Trash Controversy

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Several people in Level Plain say they are now being forced to carry their garbage cans more than 100 yards for basic service.

The residents say their curbside pickup changed last month along with the sanitation provider.

Residents along Private Road 1415 voiced frustration following last month's changeover from a private garbage hauler to the sanitation division of Dale County.

Kim Boulton has two young children. Once a week, she is now forced to carry her garbage cans nearly 100 yards to the closest county maintained street.

Dale County's Solid Waste Director Rex Brown told News 4 by phone that his garbage trucks will not drive down any private roads to pickup trash. One city official says he plans to study the city deeds.

Seventy-five-year-old lifelong resident Lucille Cole is an invalid. She may have to pay someone just to carry her garbage cans to the designated pickup spot.

In the last 12 years one resident says Private Road 1415 has been known by several other names and she wonders if it should be.

If sanitation pickup is not changed, residents along Private Road 1415 wonder why they should continue to pay their monthly $12 a month garbage fee to the county.