Troy Police Pay Increase

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The city of Troy approved a raise for starting Troy officers by almost $3,000.

The starting salary for a Troy police officer was less than $23,000 and with this raise, starting pay will be more than $25,600.

City leaders hope that will make Troy more competitive with nearby regions.

Troy police department will soon have almost fifty officers getting raises.

Troy Police Chief Anthony Everage says he doesn't worry about losing any officers to nearby agencies.

Chief Everage says he's never really worried about having enough officers to fill the cars. He says this raise is just something his officers deserve"

“It's the type of people that do this job. They're professional, they're dedicated, and they have the since desire to make this city a better place to live," said Chief Everage.

The city was paying starting officers about $22,734 and starting August 3, they will see an increase to $25,646.

But how does that compare to surrounding areas?

Montgomery Police Department makes over $29,000 and Alabama State Troopers make over $31,000. But Everage says the difference in pay shouldn't make any officers leave the troy police department.

Troy mayor Jimmy Lunsford says this raise may not be the only one coming for the officers. He hopes to increase pay in next year's budget.

The raise will apply to all sworn officers.