Fort Rucker Military Housing Project

Fort Rucker Housing Construction
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The new Fort Rucker military housing project is underway. In the first phase of the project is build new 70 homes.

Bulldozers smashed the roof of a 50-year-old house in Fort Rucker’s military housing. It's out with the old and in with the brand new homes for soldiers and army aviators.

Fort Rucker Commanding General MG Virgil Packett said, “This is a new path in making Fort Rucker a fort of choice.”

Major General Virgil Packett put on his demolition belt. He and Picerne executives took a sledgehammer and helped demolish the old house.

“Proud to be part of this team and absolute great day,” said Heath Burleson of Picerne Project Manager.

Construction crews are tearing down homes and placing a road in its place.

Seventy houses will be built and each one looking different from each other, equal to what soldiers would find in the marketplace.

The first house will be ready for soldiers in about a year. The entire project will take about eight years.

“We're going to bring pizzazz and make lives better,” said John Picerne of Picerne Military Housing.

The soldiers are leaving daily to fight in harms way, so while they're at home Picerne and Fort Rucker plan on making it the best it can be.

Fort Rucker has a 50-year contract with Picerne, plus a 25-year renewal option.