Houston Co. Growing Population

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The last census report shows Houston County is growing, and according to land developers the expansion is moving into the rural areas.

According to the Dothan-area chamber of commerce Houston County is the 7th fastest growing county in the state and it seems more people are moving to the area because it's a central hub for everything else.

“We have 19 lots and 16 of those lots are on half acres and we have three lots that are on acres and with the homes that are going to be built it’s a minimum square footage of 18 hundred square feet and with that my company is going to build five homes,” said Dr. Christopher Blair of Ed.D\Research & Development, LLC Owner.

Blair seems to be part of a trend for developers looking to go outside the city limits of Dothan and build in smaller towns across the county.

He chose the county's second largest town Kinsey.

“You don't want your neighbors right up on you want more of a feel where you have a backyard, you have a front yard and in Houston County there's a lot of underdeveloped land, so it's prime for people to come out and have that country feel but be just close enough to city,” said Blair

The city of Kinsey seems to be supportive as well. They paid a portion of the money to have the city sewer line be built all the way to the entrance for Garden of Eden

In the 2000 census report, Houston County had a population of 88,700 in 2005. That same report show’s the county's population has jumped up to just over 96,000 residents.

Houston Co. Commission Chairman Mark Culver said, "I think it's just the quality of life here, the low taxes the opportunities here in the retail segments, but also the industrial segment we're expanding"

Sales tax could also play a big part of the expansion. Within the past eight years it's increased from $11 million to a little more than $15.1 million.

As the 12 largest counties in the state, a large lump of our revenue comes from residents outside of the county.

Along with residential areas growing, these smaller towns also have big business moving to their areas.

The town of Taylor recently received a new shopping plaza.