Another Armed Robbery in Ashford

There's been another robbery in the Wiregrass and luckily no one was injured. This one happened Tuesday morning in Ashford. Authorities believe the recent robberies are related.

The Conoco station on Highway 84 East in Ashford is the latest victim in a string of robberies in the tri-state area.

After the robbery, the store clerk called Ashford Police however there was no one on duty. Therefore Houston County Sheriff's investigators were called.

“Don't know about Ashford Dept. had we known they didn't have anyone on we would have patrolled them,” said Houston Co. Sheriff Lamar Glover.

Sheriff Glover identifies the suspects as two African American males, one tall and slender with a shotgun.

Officials say they must been monitoring the store for a while. This is similar to other robberies in the Wiregrass where suspects shatter the front door, hold the clerk at gunpoint and rob the store.

The store clerk had a few cuts and scratches on her back but no life threatening injuries.

The security camera was not working in the store so authorities don't have a picture of the suspect.

“It’s important to have cameras in operation because it's good to see the picture of the suspect,” said Sheriff Glover.

Investigators are hoping they can pool this evidence with area robberies to solve the recent crimes.

Ashford Mayor pro-tem Rusty Burgess says Ashford’s police chief is out sick the deputy chief is taking classes out of state and one officer is out sick.

If you have any information about the robbery you are asked to call your local police.