Coffee County Mothers Opposing Meth

A group of Coffee County women whose lives have been changed because of crystal methamphetamine have banded together.

They have never used the drug, but someone in their family has.

Beth Williams' 23-year-old daughter was arrested in May on charges of possession and manufacture of crystal meth.

Beth, along with other moms, helped to form "Mothers Opposing Meth."

Williams spoke to inmates at the Coffee County Jail who are serving time on drug related charges. She feels it's a terrible epidemic which has destroyed many area families.

“You want to be ashamed, then you talk to other people. It doesn't hit a class, or a group, or an age of people. It hits everybody and it's all over, it's horrible,” said Williams.

If you would like more information concerning Mothers Opposing Meth, you may e-mail the group at