Cottonwood High School

Three Houston County teens are in trouble after reportedly bringing a gun to school last week. It happened at Cottonwood High School.

Two of the boys are 15-years-old. The other is 13.

All three are charged with violating a state law that prohibits guns on school campuses.

At least one of the students allegedly waved a .22 caliber pistol around in a boy’s bathroom last Friday.

After other students told a teacher, the boy and his book bag were searched, but no weapon was found.

However, the gun was displayed again in a bus on the way home after school and one student is even accused of firing the weapon after getting off the bus.

In addition to the criminal charges, all three teens now face school disciplinary action, including possible expulsion. Extended Web Coverage

Myths About Youth Violence

These false ideas are intrinsically dangerous. Assumptions that a problem does not exist or failure to recognize the true nature of a problem can obscure the need for informed policy or for interventions.

  • Most future offenders can be identified in early childhood.

  • Child abuse and neglect inevitably lead to violent behavior later in life.

  • African American and Hispanic youths are more likely to become involved in violence than other racial or ethnic groups.

  • A new, violent breed of young super predators threatens the United States.

  • Getting tough with juvenile offenders by trying them in adult criminal courts reduces the likelihood that they will commit more crimes.

  • Nothing works with respect to treating or preventing violent behavior.

  • Most violent youths will end up being arrested for a violent crime.

Source: Surgeon General)