Recruiting Local Law Enforcement

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The number of fatalities on Alabama state roads is dramatically increasing and state agencies are desperate to get more patrols on the streets.

Alabama's Department Of Public Safety is looking to local law enforcement agencies for recruits.

Jared Tyree is considering becoming a local police officer. But he may put that career on hold or other opportunities.

"I know a lot of guys are leaving the Police Department right now due to the pay. They're going to state troopers. A lot of have done that,” said Tyree.

State agencies estimate that about 50 percent of Alabama’s Highway Patrol Troopers are prior police officers.

"It basically boils down to economics. An officer can work here for a certain amount of money and go to another agency and make 10 to 20 percent more. So there's an incentive there," said Nick Monday of Dothan Police Dept

After October first, the incentive will be even higher.

Alabama state trooper starting pay will increase by five percent to $35,000 a year, which is hard for most local agencies to compete with.

But state agencies are looking for recruits who want to work for more than just pay.

"We want people that have the desire. And most the ones doing it aren't doing it for pay. They're doing it for the love of it. So when we can find those people, those are the ones who can make our department better," said Cpl. Tracy Nelson of the AL Dept. of Public Safety.

The state troopers upcoming officer's course in August is completely full of 40 recruits from around the area.

There may be another one offered in January.

State troopers are also happy to have people apply who are not already in law enforcement.

The cut-off for applications for their next test date is August 1.

The Dothan Police Department is also hiring. Anyone interested should contact the Dothan personnel board.