Dothan City Officials are Test Driving Hybrid Cars

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Dothan city officials are testing out new hybrid cars and they may start investing in the vehicle.

It's a four door hatchback sedan that gets 50 miles on average to the gallon. With fuel costs skyrocketing, Dothan city employees are test driving the hybrid to see if it's suitable for administrative needs.

General Services Director Larry Muench said, “Cost of fuel has had major impact on budget we spend $750,000 a year extra than two years ago.”

Muench was surprised by the room inside the car and how quiet it is on the road.

The city officials are rating the cars on comfort room, brakes, acceleration, handling and overall drivability.

“With the rate of fuel climbing everybody's going to hybrids,” said Rebecca Nichols of Toyota.

Chris Etheridge with the Dothan Fire Department will be driving the hybrid one day this week to see if it's practical. The fire department uses Sedan's like this for staff officers who don't respond to emergencies daily.

“I’m excited but look at feasibility may not be suited but looking at making all synergy type vehicles,” said Etheridge.

City employees have the car all week Than they will fill out an evaluation after the week is over and if they like the car next time they need one they might buy a hybrid. Friday they, are taking it to Birmingham to see how it handles road trips.