Community Support

Family of a teenager downed in the Pea River doesn't have the money for his funeral and needs community help.

The 19-year-old Brad Whiteside drowned in the Pea River in Geneva while saving his 11-year-old cousin.

The younger boy survived, but Bradley was unable to make it out of the water.

In the close-knit Bellwood community, all efforts are being made to raise the money for the family to give Brad a funeral.

A spokesman says it's a hardship on the family.

“The first comes denial period. They can't except and comprehend it. They are not prepared. You can never be prepared for something like this, untimely and tragic, they are in mourning now,” Rev. Mark Rowe.

An account has been set up at the Citizen’s Bank of Geneva.

The address is Post Office Box 190, Geneva Al 36340. The account number is 1157310.