Panama City Army Reserve Deploying

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A Panama City Army Reserve group will be deploying this weekend, and it's especially hard on one of its soldiers.

Sergeant Pamela Casson will be leaving her family behind for the third time. However, even though it will be painful, Casson is ready to serve her country and knows she will have her family's support.

Tears fell down Pamela Casson's face, and she held her 13-year-old daughter as she prepared to deploy to war for the third time.

She's a single mother who knows the hardships of battle.

“Sad to say goodbye, don't have luxury of couch, a lot of sacrifice,” said Casson.

The only way she gets through it is with the support of her family and friends.

Her daughter Danielle, who will stay with friends, is all too familiar with the separation that comes with combat.

“Really sad, cried a lot last time and will probably cry a lot this time too,” said Danielle.

Dozens of Panama City residents showed their support for Pamela and seven others Friday during a farewell ceremony.

The men and women of the 508th Transportation Detachment have will be going to Iraq in support of the global War on Terrorism.

After the ceremony there was a reception so the soldiers could say good-bye to their family friends and loved ones before they leave for combat Saturday.