Deadly Mixture of Drugs Causing Concern

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Methamphetamine's grip on the Wiregrass continues to get tighter and tighter. However, there is alarming news about drug dealers mixing meth with other common and cheaper narcotics, in an attempt to make an extra buck.

Some call this process of mixing “speedballing,” and others call is dusting.

Dealers mix drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine and the scary part of all of this is that when these drugs are mixed, they make a whole new breed of drug that can kill the user.

Ashford’s Assistant Police Chief, Eddie Ingram, says, "The danger in this, especially amongst young people, is that when they get a joint which is already rolled or they get marijuana laced with this methamphetamine, which happened to some kids here in Ashford, they don't know what the reaction is going to be or how their body is going to react to it. That's why this stuff is so dangerous, and kids need to think twice before they take that joint or smoke that weed, regardless of where they get it from because this stuff right here can kill you."

Ingram goes on to say that the reason drug dealers are doing this is to get their customers addicted to meth, which is typically more expensive on the streets.

"The more they can sell, the more money they can make. It's all about a dollar bill to a dope dealer," said Davey Dupree, a former meth addict.

"If someone is getting $40 for a bag of weed and they lace it with a little meth, and they have customers come back, about the second or third time their customer comes back to them for that real good quality weed they got, the drug dealer will tell them that's it's not the marijuana that is so good, it's the meth,” said Ashford’s Assistant Police Chief, Eddie Ingram.

The trend is gaining popularity in the Wiregrass.

Several weeks ago police found seven teens acting very strange after smoking marijuana in Ashford, and sure enough they tested positive for meth.

"It created some problems for four of the seven young people that were involved. They basically went crazy and couldn't handle it,” said Ingram.

As far as mixing meth with cocaine goes authorities say that can be the deadliest mix, known to man.

Ingram said, "I don't think you can get a more deadly combination, because both of them are very strong and powerful stimulants. One by itself can kill you.

Ingram also says he receives between five and six calls, daily, of people reporting others using meth. He say's this trend of mixing meth with other drugs is growing and that every parent should be aware and teach their children about just how dangerous these drugs can be.

As far as the seven teens that were caught smoking marijuana laced with meth go, two of them dropped out of school, one had to go into rehab, and another is still in jail.

Police say if anyone know who may be abusing meth or any other kind of drugs, call their local police and get these people help as quick as possible.