Police Advise Shop Owners About Robbery Safety

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The man and woman who own a convenient store are very lucky to be alive. It's the second time in a year the store has been held up.

Wednesday around 5 p.m. a man dressed in a hat and glasses robbed a Stop & Go Mark in Ozark. The female clerk argued with the suspect briefly before opening the register and pulling out the money.

“Asked for cigarettes reached in pants and demanded money,” said Deputy Chief Eddie Henderson of Ozark Police.

The robber fled the scene and the clerk called authorities.

Police later found and arrested 22-year-old Daniel Jones in a nearby subdivision.

“Eyewitnesses called and we subsequently got him,” said Deputy Chief Henderson.

This is the second time Stop & Go Mart has been targeted by robbers. The other one happened last year and officers arrested a suspect in that incident too.

Henderson credits helpful citizens and dedicated law enforcement officials for both solved cases.

Jones being charged with first degree robbery, in addition to those charges, he is also charged with failing to register as a sex offender and for violating the community notification act.

Officials warn store owners not to argue with an armed robber if they target their business.