Alabama Allow Breastfeeding in Public

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The Alabama legislature passed a law in April saying a mother may breastfeed her child in any public place, and the law went into effect this Saturday.

News 4 spoke with Wiregrass residents who say they support the new law.

Gail Jackson has three children and she breastfed all of them. She was too shy to do it in public, but she isn't offended if someone is discrete about it.

"There was a lady breastfeeding at a table the other day; it was fine. The baby was happy, the family was happy, it was fine,” said Jackson.

She's not alone; many women in the Wiregrass are fine with public breastfeeding.

Mary Kate Keele thinks all babies should be breastfed. In fact, her daughter-in-law breastfeeds in public.

“Most people don't even notice it,” said Keele.

Local businesses are fine with the new law and say they will comply and welcome mothers who breastfeed their children.

The Atlanta Bread Company has had several mothers breastfeed in the restaurant. Manager Joshua Lowe says it's not an unusual sight to see.

“Don’t have a problem not uncommon doesn't make anyone uncomfortable not big deal,” said Lowe.

Just because he's the manager doesn’t mean he doesn’t' speak for all men. Others echo his opinion.

“Not offended mom's discrete best interest of the child,” said Michael Rogers of Dothan.

The best interest of the child is what most people care about when it comes to breast feeding.

State Representative Laura Hall said she proposed the legislature because of an incident in Huntsville where a woman was asked to leave a museum because she was breast-feeding her child.

The law took effect Saturday, and some mothers celebrated by breastfeeding their children outside Victoria’s Secret lingerie stores.