A Woman Injured in Pike County Train Wreck

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A woman continues to recover after an accident involving a train in Pike County.

Thirty-one-year-old Clarisse Jinkins was driving her car over the railroad tracks at the intersection of Highway 223 and Highway 29 when a train hit it.

People who live near that intersection say this isn't the first time someone wasn't paying attention when approaching the train tracks.

Buren Thompson lives nearby said, "The car was laying right over there. It knocked that post over there. That switch."

He says this isn't the first accident he's seen in this area.

“Well, it happens along at times. This is about twice in a year's time. It happened about a year ago, and it happened this year," said Thompson.

One reason for the wrecks could be because motorists aren't paying attention when approaching the tracks.

Most drivers slow down but they seem to focus more on the stop sign on the other side rather than the crossing.

Many people around the area say this intersection is safe, for the most part. But one thing, they say, that could make it a little safer is by having guard rails that come down when a train is approaching.

Despite the past two incidents, officials with the Banks Fire Department say they're not sure if a gate would stop future accidents but they say it would grab a driver's attention.

Officials encourage you to use caution when approaching all railroad crossings.