Vortex Springs Experienced Record Crowds

The holiday drew more than 10,000 folks to western Holmes County. The operator of Vortex Springs believes the high price of fuel is keeping folks a bit closer to home.

Vortex Springs experienced record crowds over the last several days. The site offers open and cave diving, along with swimming. The crystal, clear water comes up from the underground aquifer.

At a steady water temperature of 68-degrees year round, vortex springs operators say folks are hooked on the natural beauty

Operator of Vortex Springs Connie Taylor said, "Water comes out of the ground at 68-degrees year round. Some folks think that's chilly but it's not. And we have 28-million gallons of new water every morning."

Vortex is located along highway 81, about two miles north of Ponce de Leon. The gate entry is $6.50 per person.