Are You Safe on the Grill?

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The heat is high, and the grills are kicking. However before anyone BBQs, Dothan firefighters say take a few safety measures first.

A propane or charcoal grill may reach up to 600 degrees. That is why it’s safe to only use a grill on flat land, never overload it, and keep children away.

The most important thing firefighters say to do is, if a grill does catch fire, cover it up instead of using water to dowse it. Using water could result into a grease fire.

Nationwide, 16,000 people have been injured by propane or charcoal grills.

“A lot of people don't understand that fire can, even though the coals are in there and you can open up the grill real quick and give it some oxygen, that it can flash on you or catch on fire,” said John Pen of Dothan Firefighter

Also officials say if you use a charcoal grill, let it cool about six hours before discarding the charcoal.