Same Scam Different Senior

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Last week, a man posed as an Alabama Power employee get inside a house in Geneva. A similar story came from the town of Black.

Although the suspect did not specifically mention who he was working with it seems senior citizens are once again the target.

With just a few hundred residents; Black is Geneva County’s smallest incorporated town.

Recently, Sheriff Greg Ward became alarmed after an elderly resident allowed a man inside her home. The individual told the homeowner that he was trying to make her home more energy efficient:

"I’ll come out there and we'll see if they say who they are, that's who legitimately they are. If it is fine all you have to do is call, lock your door and I’ll be there," said Sheriff Ward.

Leslie Galloway has lived in Black for more than 30-years. He says it's a good community where neighbor helps neighbor. But, things are changing and not necessarily for the good.

"It is good to come home from a day's work. But something like this is a little disturbing sure is," said Galloway.

Other area resident, Martha Hattaway said, "Young men 4-wheeling running up and road at all hours of the day and night. That’s illegal. Not quite the small community it used to be."

Although a few cases of break-ins over recent months, still Mayor Tom Majors says this is a good community where the elderly especially can fee safe.

"Generally our elderly has the knowledge and the know with all not be taken like that," said Mayor Majors.

The homeowner in Black was not injured and it appears that a small amount of cash may have been taken out of the residence.

Authorities stress not to allow someone inside your home that you do not know. That's under any circumstances.