Identity Theft Problems

With so many cases of stolen personal information right now; congress is looking at how the federal government protects American’s private information.

Last week a missing laptop that contains the personal information of more than 26 million vets and active duty personnel was recovered.

But veterans’ affairs aren’t the only federal agency with laptop security trouble.

The internal revenue service says it lost a laptop with confidential information when an employee gave it to an airline as checked luggage.

The federal trade commission had two laptops with citizen information stolen from a vehicle

A hacker recently penetrated employee files at the agriculture department, another gained access to employee files at the energy department.

”Once you remove data from site, your ability to secure it drops significantly...we have to really be cognizant all the time where laptops are, where hard drives are, so that we don't have an occurrence of this type of event,” William Chase of FBI.

By August, the office of management and budget wants federal agencies to adopt new security provisions for laptop use, including requirements to encrypt all sensitive data, have a password and a lock, and monitor all downloads.