Veterans Having Hard Time Getting Back Workplace

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Many veterans are having a hard time getting back into the workplace after returning from the war in Iraq, but a local agency is trying to assist.

A national Web site reported one in five veterans say it takes six months or longer to find a job. They say that's because it's hard for soldiers to communicate what skills they have learned during their military time.

Returning home from war may be sweet relief for some. But many veterans find themselves struggling to find jobs after calling it quits with the military.

Officials say the unemployment rate is especially high for veterans ages 20 to 24. But with Houston County’s unemployment rate around two point five percent.

Dothan’s employment agency says it wants to keep that rate low by targeting those veterans and helping them find jobs.

“We have what we call a Veterans Unit that they are veterans themselves we can assist veterans who are listing out, retiring, or whatever the case may be,” said Pam Cutchens of Dothan Employment Office Manager.

Cutchens says that one reason they don't have problems finding veterans jobs is because of its close proximity to Ft. Rucker.

“I think the opportunity for veterans are just as readily available as non-veterans,” said Cutchens. “Employers in this community are certainly open and positive regarding hiring veterans.”

The career service also provides veterans with more than a job database. They also have tools to write resumes and workshops to freshen up job search skills.

If anyone would like to check out the jobs available, you can visit the jobs website at