Alabama Sales Tax Holiday

Alabama's first sales tax holiday weekend for back-to-school purchases is growing in popularity.

With more than 120 cities and counties agreeing to join the state in Waive taxes the first weekend in August.

Officials expect more cities and counties to join before the deadline for signing up expires on Wednesday.

Several county commissions have scheduled special meetings Monday and Wednesday to vote.

Shoppers, even those without school-age children, will get to make their tax-free purchases on August 4th through the 6th.

Sales Tax Waiver:

  • Clothing up to $100
  • Computers, software, supplies up to $750
  • School supplies, art supplies, textbooks
  • Books up to $30]

    The sales tax waiver applies to:

  • Clothing costing up to $100 per item.
  • Computers, software or computer supplies costing up to $750 per item.
  • School supplies, including art supplies, and textbooks up to $50 per item and, other books up to $30 each.

    To help merchants prepare for the weekend and understand the rules, the state revenue department and two business groups will be presenting seminars throughout the state this month.

    The revenue department will also have a hot line to answer merchants' last-minute questions.