A Local Store Featured in National Magazine

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People are coming from across the country to shop in Dothan lately. A local store is featured this month in Southern Living Magazine.

Tim Jordan is a long-time resident of Houston County and he got the surprise of his life Saturday, when he saw his hometown featured in a national publication.

"I received my Southern Living Magazine and was sitting down reading it and I flipped to a page and found Northcutt's Drugs in Dothan, Alabama," said Jordan.

He's not the only person who had that reaction. Since the magazine hit shelves about three weeks ago, the store has been getting calls and visits from across the country.

"We talked about it at church and then we read the article and were just dying to get there," said Jackie Davis of Phoenix City, AL.

Northcutt's On Main employee Elaine Chancey said, "Last week, we had a mother, father and their daughter who came from Pensacola just to plot their route for their next hurricane evacuation and made their destination Dothan because of our store."

The magazine describes Northcutt's as "one chic drugstore"; boasting of merchandise ranging from Christmas villages, clothing and even fine crystal.

One of the things that set this store apart is the not-so-common merchandise--like the bird named Mildred. Store employees say they're always looking for something new.

However when Northcutt's opened a generation ago, it was strictly a pharmacy. Then they started making Easter baskets. The Southern Living article describes how it has blossomed since and changed with the times.

"The style of living that represents, they want to be a part of it...and that's the class Dothan has gotten into and I'm proud to be a part of it," said Jordan.

The magazine's July edition hit shelves in Dothan this past weekend.