Some Troy Residents May Have to Find a New Place to Live

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Some people who live in Troy may have to find a new place to live. Troy officials say it's not about kicking folks out of their homes.They say it's to preserve family oriented neighborhoods.

The sticking point is what's known as an R-1 zone. It is defined as single-family units. This limits renting homes to unrelated people and establishing apartment-style residential living.

Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford said, “When their is a group of people moving in and living in that single family environment, and they have a different lifestyle quite often than the people in that neighborhood, then it creates situations like late night parties for young people and much older people trying to get their rest because they have work the next day. It just creates a problem.”

One area realtor told News 4 that's not to reflect on the market. It will still be strong because she's been abiding by the ordinance for years. She says it's about time other landlords do the same.

Many families living in these R-1 zones say they want a safe place for their children to live.

“I just think that living in an environment, where you have maybe a neighbor loud with parties and this type thing, it's not a good sign for the kids,” said Dr. Jeff Spurlock of R-1.

Some R-1 neighborhoods are located just a few blocks away from Troy University. City leaders say some college students wanting to live near the school will be affected by the R-1 zone enforcement.

Troy University student John Bynum said, “A lot of people live in houses, ya know. If they zone it, we won't have places to hang out. We won't have anything to do really. We'll be living in a bunch of boxes and a wall.”

Some people argue the allows the city to limit what goes on inside the home, but city leaders say it's only impacting how the property is used.

The R-1 zones make up about 15 percent of the city. Troy leaders have not decided how they will enforce the law, but hope to have a policy soon.